VOYCE Announces Major Legislative Victory: SB 2793 has passed the Illinois legislature!

SB 2793 has passed the Illinois legislature!

SB 2793 is a landmark piece of legislation won by young people and allies from across the state of Illinois to address the overuse of exclusionary discipline.

This legislation is the FIRST OF ITS KIND in the nation and would require:

  • The public reporting of data on the issuance of out-of-school suspensions, expulsions, and removals to alternative settings in lieu of another disciplinary action for all publicly-funded schools in Illinois. The collected data would be disaggregated by race and ethnicity, gender, age, grade level, limited English proficiency, incident type, and discipline duration.
  • Illinois School Districts that are identified in the top 20% in the use of suspensions, expulsions or racial disproportionality would have to submit an improvement plan identifying the strategies the school district will implement to reduce the use of exclusionary disciplinary practices, racial disproportionality, or both.

Halima Ibrahim, a VOYCE student leader, said that SB 2793 is important for her because “the community should know what suspension and expulsion numbers, as well as racial disparities, are for each Illinois school district. If we know which districts need help and improvement, we can work to keep students safe and in school, instead of out in the streets.”

Thank you to the following legislators for carrying this important piece of legislation:

Senator Hutchinson and Senator Lightford
Representative Davis and Representative Turner

And also  a special thank you to our other sponsors in the IL House and Senate:

Senators Delgado, Martinez, Collins, Noland,
Harris III, Jones III, Bush, Van Pelt & Muñoz

Representatives Harris, Hernandez, Smith, Lilly and Dunkin

Thank you to all other legislators who voted with young people in the state of Illinois! 

To see if how your legislator voted, please click here.

Last but not least, thank you to all the organizations who led and supported this campaign.

VOYCE Member Organizations:

Southwest Organizing Project
Albany Park Neighborhood Council
Kenwood Oakland Community Organization
Logan Square Neighborhood Association
Action Now Institute
Brighton Park Neighborhood Council

Allies in the Campaign for Common Sense Discipline:

Attorney Jim Freeman
Illinois Safe Schools Alliance
Community Organizing on Family Issues
United Congress of Community and Religious Organizations
Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Advancement Project
Chicago Teachers Union
Gamaliel (Springfield)
Blocks Together
Project NIA
ONE Northside
ACLU of Illinois
Alternatives, Inc.
Blocks Together
Chicago Freedom School
Community Renewal Society
Disciples for Christ Evangelistic Ministries
Enlace Chicago
Inner City Muslim Action Network
Adler Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice
Korean Resource and Cultural Center
TARGET Area Development Corporation

For more information on the Campaign for Common Sense Discipline,
please contact Shawn Brown, Campaign Director, at 773-583-1387 ext 202