VOYCE’s School Discipline Reform Bill Passes Illinois Senate!

Voices of Youth in Chicago Education (VOYCE) and the Campaign for Common Sense Discipline celebrated an exciting victory on April 23, 2015 as SB 100 took a huge step closer to becoming law in Illinois.  The Illinois Senate voted to pass SB 100 out of the Illinois State Senate with widespread bipartisan support from 38 Senators. Click here to see how the Senators voted. The bill now moves to the House!

SB 100 will curb the overuse of suspensions and expulsions throughout Illinois. The bill reforms the school disciple code by:
  • Placing standards on the use of long-term out of school suspensions, expulsions and other harsh disciplinary practices
  • Prohibiting the use of all disciplinary fines and fees
  • Prohibiting the “zero-tolerance” policies that lead to high numbers of suspensions and expulsions of students of color
  • Allowing schools to have local decision making authority over student discipline issues.
“We need SB 100 because I was fined a dollar for every stick of gum I had in my backpack when I was in middle school. I know students who were suspended or expelled for minor offenses like not sitting down on a chair, or using their phones in class” VOYCE leader Jaime Adams said. “These policies are unfair, don’t change behavior and don’t help students learn,” she said. Jaime and other young people went to Springfield last week to educate Senators about the need for the bill.
Contact your Illinois House Representative! You can do it in four easy steps:
  1. Find your Rep. by clicking this link! Put in your address, and click “Find Address”.  Next, click “Confirm Address”.
  2. Scroll down to the third box titled “Representative District #_”to identify your representative.
  3. Call their Springfield and local office and ask them to “Vote Yes” on SB100!
  4. Let us know you called by emailing us here!
Thank you for your support!
Watch this short video to learn more about why VOYCE’s young people are fighting for  SB 100:
The bill is expected to come up for a vote in the House Education Committee in the coming weeks. VOYCE students will continue their efforts in Springfield to educate officials on the importance of these reform. Stay tuned for more information!