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Voices of Youth in Chicago Education (VOYCE) is a youth organizing collaborative for education and racial justice led by students of color from six community organizations across the city of Chicago. Learn more about VOYCE.



Since student leaders launched VOYCE in 2007, our vision for change has been driven by the belief that those most affected by educational inequities – the students themselves – hold the solutions to creating a high-quality education system. See what we’re working on.

Youth Leadership Development

Youth Leadership Development

Every year, VOYCE engages over 250 youth leaders in its transformative leadership development model, building a multi-racial, city-wide cohort of youth leaders who have the skills and knowledge they need to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and agents of change. Read more about our youth development model .

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"One time while in #Springfield, we were in an elevator talking to this person about our bill & why we needed it passed and 5 minutes later, he said he wasn't a legislator. We mistook him for another legislator. Oops." -Khadijah #YouthPower #VoyceYouth #FunnyStory #Experience ...

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